01 What Exactly Is Happening Here

November 1, 2016

Host Katie Shepherd shares how she ended up at Manhattan International High School and introduces the students and teachers you’ll hear in this season of What’s Happening Here. A show about pivotal moments, this first seasons follows a group of students who attend an international high school as they prepare for speech day with their teachers Ms. Susan and Ms. Cinzia.

Special Thanks to:

Everyone at Manhattan International High School, specifically the students and Principal Gladys. An extra special thanks to Ms. Susan and Ms. Cinzia for sharing their time and work.

Chris McLeod for producing the show and for creating the theme song for the series.

Murray Nossel, the executive producer of the show, for the series concept and guidance along the way.

Everyone at Memory Motel: Terence Mickey, Bart Warshaw, Kerrianne Thomas, Samira Tazari, and Carson Frame.

Jerome Deroy and Jeffrey Yamaguchi for your support.

Artist Caitlin Watkins for the show logo and episode illustrations.

Natsuho Oura for being an all-around awesome intern.


00 Preview

October 6, 2016

What’s Happening Here is a new series that documents pivotal moments in people’s lives, those moments where everything changes. Each season we’ll follow individuals going through major life events and record the stories that emerge in the process.

For this preview, host Katie Shepherd and Producer Chris McLeod headed to Times Square to ask people share some of their major life moments. From falling in love to fall-outs, this show explores what exactly happens in the shift.

In season one, we will be spending time in the place where change happens every single day— high school, specifically an international high school in Manhattan.